Hashtags for coins

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Hello guys! I really enjoying this site lately. Lot of really useful features. So I wanted to propose a new one. Can you create some kind of mechanism to sort coins by its use cases? For example, I want to find all of coins that provide “stable” price like USDT, DAI, DGX, ZRC and the only way I can do it is to check every one of them and try to understand if it is what I need. That is extremely time consuming.

To make it more easy, you might allow some users to tag coins with hashtags and then provide a way of searching by this tags.


Interesting idea! But I’m not sure that this will be informative. Becouse people will be adding many different tags without any systematization. There will be complete confusion.

But there might be another solution. We have a tool named Public Watchlist. People can create their own custom list of coins. For example, I created small watchlist with few USD denominated stable coins. https://bitgur.com/watchlist/Cb0C

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It looks good enough for me. The only downside of it that people who does not have a link will have no idea that such list even exist. Of course we can share it on the forum, but I think that would be much more helpful if there exited some special place for public watchlists on site itself. The second problem I see that such list will not grow naturally as one individual (who own the list) probably have knowledge about only limited number of coins, while with hashtags it expected to progress constantly as people share their vision about their favorite projects. To prevent lack of systematization you can add only strict number of tags that can actually make sense. And than allow to add them only to registered users or maybe even only to moderators.


It looks more realistic than unlimited tags. But there is another trouble. For example, somebody will have tagged XRP as PoW cryptocurrency. Or BTC as stable coin because of the old joke “1 bitcoin always cost 1 bitcoin”. This model will work well only with a big community. I hope we will create it. So your idea will be good in the future.

Bytheway we have classification already.

I think we can add a separate category for Stablecoins. If you have any idea about other useful tags we can add them too. :slight_smile:

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The idea is really very interesting

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