Why do Startups choose the Opensea clone script?

(Ryan Joel) #1

Crypto space always holds room for innovations. As the NFT Marketplace platforms are becoming more popular, many business people are interested in launching their own NFT Marketplace like OpenSea. OpenSea is a popular NFT Marketplace in the world and currently holds active users of 165000 per month.

Due to its popularity in a short span of time, Startups are eager to launch their NFT Marketplace like OpenSea. OpenSea clone script is the smartest way to launch your NFT Marketplace as it is a completely customizable white label NFT marketplace operating similar to OpenSea. Moreover, Many Startups are mainly attracted to the revenue streams of starting an NFT marketplace like Open sea. Let us have a quick look at it.

Revenue Streams Of Opensea clone script

Listing Fee
NFT commission fee
Minting Fee
Initial Setup Fee
Revenue from Private sale

Other than that, you can innovate as much as revenue-generating streams to your NFT Marketplace. So, If you are about to launch an NFT marketplace, then use a predeveloped Opensea clone script. The best way to get an OpenSea clone script is to reach out to a reliable OpenSea clone script provider. I have come across CoinsQueens, a leading Blockchain-related solutions provider. They have been offering ready-to-deploy Opensea clone scripts for many startups & entrepreneurs. They offer end-to-end development & customization services at an affordable cost.

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