Bitgur Volatiliy Index (BVI): 162.18

Low (<50) Medium (50-70) High (70-100) Very High (>100)

Bitgur Volatility Index (BVI) shows the level of uncertainty in the market of crypto currency. With an increase in the spread of prices, it increases, with decreasing it falls. The index calculates on trade data of Bitgur First Tier cryptocurrencies.

Bitgur Volatility Index (BVI) methodology

$BVI = \frac{\sum_c Volatility_c * Supply_c * Price_c}{\sum_c{Supply_c*Price_c}}$
$c$ - first tier cryptocurrency
$Volatility$ - cryptocurrency volatility index
$Supply$ - circulation supply
$Price$ - price of cryptocurrency in USD

This is a weighted average of the volatility indices first tier cryptocurrencies with a weight equal to the capitalization of the currency.

Cryptocurrency Volatility Index methodology

$Ic = \frac{|EMA_c(24h) - Price_c|*1000}{max(EMA_c(24h),\,Price_c)}$
$IDXvc(t) = max(IDXvc(t - 1)*Kstab, Ic)$
$Price$ - price of cryptocurrency in USD
$EMA_c(24h)$ - 24th exponential moving average per hour interval
$Kstab$ - coefficient of stabilization of the index = 0.972 ($\approx2^{-\frac{1}{24}}$), provides attenuation in 2 times in 24 hours