Bit Capital Vendor

0.031766 (-5.16%)
Market cap 28,080,713
Volume (24h) 1,688,213
Min-max price (24h) 0.029884 0.034312
BTC: 0.0000038557 (-4.79%)
ETH: 0.00018346 (-3.13%)
Public supply 883,999,995
Total supply 1,200,000,000
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1h 24h 7d 1m 6m
0.65% 5.16% 20.58% 32.31% 44.64%
  • Third tier
  • Rank 110
  • Ethereum token
  • Trading and investing
Bit Capital Vendor - Investment platform

BitCV focuses on blockchain digital asset management, technically researches and transforms the bottom layer of the blockchain, and builds support for cross-chain and rapid payment. At the same time, it implements landing from the application layer, accessing gadgets, and supporting a more complete ecosystem. BitCV provides group operations with professional services and create better infrastructure.

  Market Pairs Price
Huobi 2 0.032412
Bibox 1 0.031633
  Exchange Pair Price
Huobi BCV/BTC 0.032412
Huobi BCV/ETH 0.032407
Bibox BCV/ETH 0.031633
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