DKK Token

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Volume (24h) 53,663,403
Min-max price (24h) 0.13660 0.13756
BTC: 0.000021863 (3.24%)
ETH: 0.0010373 (1.21%)
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DKK Token

DKK Token (DKKT) - Blockchain token issued at a 1:1 rate based on the market value of DKK currency. DKKT aims to provide you with a stable digital currency solution and it is committed to the practical application of blockchain technology in the fields of traditional finance, politics, law, social science and natural sciences. DKKT drives the development of Internet-based digital currencies.

  Market Pairs Price
Bit-Z 11 0.13704
  Exchange Pair Price
Bit-Z ETH/DKKT 0.13687
Bit-Z BTC/DKKT 0.13725
Bit-Z DOGE/DKKT 0.13639
Bit-Z EOS/DKKT 0.13667
Bit-Z XMX/DKKT 0.12862
Bit-Z BZ/DKKT 0.13452
Bit-Z BTT/DKKT 0.14044
Bit-Z WIN/DKKT 0.14164
Bit-Z DKKT/USDT 0.13717
Bit-Z VEX/DKKT 0.14069
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