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Hashgard - Asset management platform

Hashgard is a distributed, trusted asset management protocol and a high functionality next generation digital finance public chain. Hashgard provides a one-stop blockchain solution for asset management in digital finance. Hashgard has a large number of business modules, including operational-level on-chain data, advanced versions of asset management autonomous organization, a smart contract system tailored for asset management, able to systematically support the issuance, management, trusteeship, settlement, audit, process control, and dispute arbitration of decentralized assets.

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IDCM 1 0.000031422
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ProBit 3 0.000028135
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ProBit GARD/ETH 0.000028045
ProBit GARD/KRW 0.000028170
Gate.io GARD/ETH 0.000028703
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