0.61547 (-11.62%)
Market cap 177,385,146
Volume (24h) 335,442
Min-max price (24h) 0.51456 0.90226
BTC: 0.000031760 (-15.83%)
ETH: 0.0010105 (-16.41%)
Public supply 288,208,798
Total supply 1,000,000,000
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1h 24h 7d 1m 6m
12.96% 11.62% 17.17% 1.09% 69.88%
  • Second tier
  • Rank 49
  • Ethereum token
  • Trading and investing
HedgeTrade - Trading platform

HedgeTrade is a decentralized prediction market focused on a wide variety of financial assets. Trade predictions can then be purchased using the HEDG token for users to replicate and learn from. Correct trade predictions award the trade predictor with the HEDG tokens originally put forth by those individuals who purchased that prediction originally through the marketplace. Incorrect trade predictions see the HEDG tokens used to buy that prediction returned to the original buyer(s).

  Market Pairs Price
Stocks.Exchange 1 0.58734
CoinTiger 2 0.73897
  Exchange Pair Price
Stocks.Exchange HEDG/BTC 0.59618
CoinTiger HEDG/ETH 0.83337
CoinTiger HEDG/BTC 0.74845
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