0.0014423 (-20.01%)
Market cap 6,499,423
Volume (24h) 158,340
Min-max price (24h) 0.0012533 0.0019295
BTC: 0.00000014750 (-19.31%)
ETH: 0.0000053694 (-19.18%)
Public supply 4,506,302,133
Total supply 9,998,572,888
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Everipedia - Blockchain encyclopedia

Everipedia is an EOS blockchain-based competitor of Wikipedia trying to overcome its disadvantages. Wikipedia, one of the most popular website in the world, is criticized for being biased because it’s controlled by a small group of editors. They can’t process such an enormous amount of information, therefore it’s outdated. Plus Wikipedia makes no money. Everipedia was created in 2014 as a branch of Wikipedia and is currently listed among 1,000 most popular websites in the USA.

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CoinTiger 1 0.0010752
Upbit 1 0.0020724
Bitfinex 1 0.0010512
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CoinTiger IQ/USDT 0.0010729
Upbit IQ/KRW 0.0020349
Bitfinex IQX/USD 0.0010512
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