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Market cap 4,113,534
Volume (24h) 152
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BTC: 0.000064855 (0.85%)
ETH: 0.0032774 (1.79%)
Public supply 8,773,556
Total supply 10,535,680
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Metronome - Cryptocurrency

Metronome attempts to create a stable, predictable money supply ad infinitum, using daily descending price auctions to distribute the token supply at market prices. Through the Auction contract, an initial 8,000,000 MET are sold in a 7-day initial descending price auction, followed by 2,880 MET per day minted and sold in the daily auctions (through year ~30, where mintage hits a 2%-per-year inflation floor). We retain an additional 2,000,000 MET for a one-time compensation, 75% of which is locked up for up to 3 years.

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