Steem Backed Dollars

6.6103 (4.35%)
Market cap 79,114,272
Volume (24h) 4,124
Min-max price (24h) 6.3308 6.7325
BTC: 0.00016643 (-2.6%)
ETH: 0.0029029 (0.94%)
Public supply 11,968,362
Start date Jun 4, 2016
Advanced chart and data Steem Backed Dollars Chart
1h 24h 7d 1m 6m
0% 4.35% 19.09% 35.51% 127.35%
Steem Backed Dollars - Steem (Social news community) utiloty token.

It is a native digital asset on the Steem blockchain. It can be launched by anyone to help monetize online content and create incentives to encourage desired user behavior. They are like Ethereum's ERC-20 tokens, but with certain built-in ‘Proof-of-Brain’ properties and a token distribution reward system designed specifically for digital content businesses.

  Market Pairs Price
Bittrex 1 6.5663
  Exchange Pair Price
Bittrex SBD/BTC 6.5663
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