0.0034686 (4.03%)
Market cap 4,903,570
Volume (24h) 96,966
Min-max price (24h) 0.0032750 0.0034716
BTC: 0.000000077512 (1.14%)
ETH: 0.0000011006 (1.24%)
Public supply 1,413,716,694
Total supply 3,141,592,653
Start date Nov 1, 2017
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SmartMesh - Blockchain-based IoT underlying protocol

SmartMesh is a blockchain-based IoT underlying protocol that enables smartphones, onboard devices and other devices to connect to each other without the internet. SmartMesh has built-in blockchain light nodes and extends Raiden network protocol for Tokenless Meshless Pay. Motivated by blockchain tokens, SmartMesh can self-organize to create a resilient, decentralized, self-healing Mesh Network that offers higher near-field communication speed and bandwidth than the Internet and it will be generally free. It is possible to achieve a network parallel to the existing Internet.

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Huobi 3 0.0034858 2 0.0035025
HitBTC 2 0.0035877
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Huobi SMT/ETH 0.0035085 SMT/USDT 0.0035025
Huobi SMT/BTC 0.0035142 SMT/ETH 0.0036661
HitBTC SMT/USD 0.0035898
HitBTC SMT/BTC 0.0035836
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