V Systems

0.015147 (0.39%)
Market cap 29,363,618
Volume (24h) 688,960
Min-max price (24h) 0.015016 0.015647
BTC: 0.00000044928 (-6.68%)
ETH: 0.000010953 (-3.62%)
Public supply 1,938,544,061
Total supply 3,853,402,525
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V Systems - Cryptocurrency

V SYSTEMS is a cryptocurrency based on its own blockchain. As described on their website, the project aims to deliver an "object-oriented general purpose distributed database designed to carry complex decentralized applications". A major pillar which V SYSTEMS is built upon is the consensus mechanism developed by the so-called 'Founder of Proof-of-Stake' Sunny King, known as Supernode Proof-of-Stake. SPoS is intended to provide sufficient incentives to supernodes to upgrade hardware continuously and thus improve network performance enough to support large-scale growth of decentralized applications.

  Market Pairs Price
OKEX 2 0.014989
Huobi 3 0.015071
CoinEx 2 0.014962
Kucoin 2 0.015161
  Exchange Pair Price
OKEX VSYS/BTC 0.014971
Huobi VSYS/USDT 0.015051
Huobi VSYS/BTC 0.015168
Huobi VSYS/HT 0.015011
CoinEx VSYS/USDT 0.015074
Kucoin VSYS/BTC 0.015170
CoinEx VSYS/BTC 0.014845
Kucoin VSYS/USDT 0.015095
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