XYO Network

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Market cap 29,468,166
Volume (24h) 82,836
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Public supply 5,565,078,464
Total supply 14,198,847,000
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XYO Network - Smart-contract platform

The XYO Network has four primary components, Sentinels, Bridges, Archivists, and Diviners. These four components enable geo-focused, consensus-building and trustless verification of location data. This means that when you write a smart contract that specifies for an object to appear at a specific XY-coordinate, if it appears there, you will know that it was at that location with absolute certainty. This is all done without risk of spoofing the location signaling device(s) verified by thousands of Sentinels in the XY Oracle Network with the longest Proof of Origin chain (thus yielding greater confidence in the heuristics).

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Kucoin XYO/BTC 0.0058456
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