Ethereum margin trading sentiment

Why is the analyst of margin positions important?
When using margin trading, more qualification is required than with the usual sale and purchase.
Errors in marginal trading are costly for traders, so the noise from erroneous trends is less.
In margin trading, you can evaluate the positions of traders on the real (that is, invested at the moment) volume (in contrast to the positions in the glass)

Bull income - total combined income by all long position opened in particular range.
Bear income - total combined income by all short position opened in particular range.
Long positions - total long positions in ETH(borrowed earlier to sell in future)
Short positions - total short positions in ETH(sold earlier to buy for cheap price in future)

For example:
Bulls probably will be enthusiastic to make more long position then "Bull income" grows.
Bears who spent two weeks in negative zone of "Bear income" already(probably) have lack of money and don't believe in further price lowering.